Four new Pottoka foals were born in Anciles Wildlife Reserve a few days ago. These new foals are in addition to the one that was born last year. The mayor of Riaño, Fernando Moreno, indicated that the response and adaptation of the pottoka horses is very satisfactory. “The response of these animals is very good, so we are going to have a large herd in less time than we had planned,” clarifies the councilman.

Moreno specified that foreign students are already coming to carry out studies of these large herbivores and their incidence in the Cantabrian Mountains. “We have already had four students of different nationalities,” said the mayor of Riaño. The idea is that through Riaño’s boat people can see all these animals from the shore.

Signs have been put up indicating that bison are dangerous animal. “Males have become very territorial” in the presence of females.

A Madrid tourism company has made visits and recordings in order to include Anciles reserve in their tour offers.

Full article: Los caballos pottokas de Anciles amplían la manada con cuatro crías