The Riaño City Council is working to turn Anciles valley into a center for the study of bison and wild pottoka horses, while developing a new attraction for ecotourism, according to its mayor, Fernando Moreno. The first European and English students have already visited the area last year to study these large herbivores. “The idea is that young people come to do their final degree work on the adaptation and behaviour of bison in the Cantabrian Mountains,” said Moreno.

The Councilor for Tourism, Pelayo García, is responsible for making the corresponding visits to the Anciles Valley to monitor the adaptation and condition of the buffalo, bison and pottoka horses. After these year’s births there are currently 16 animals, although it is expected that seven mares will give birth this year. García recalls that the heat of bison is between August and October and if all goes well the two females will become pregnant this year but “until six months pregnancy it will be difficult to detect”..

Regarding the release of new animals, he points out that everything has been paralysed by the state of alarm that these weeks are experiencing. As for the European bison, it is a protected species that is controlled by the European body EAZA, which are in charge of leading the transports of this type of animal. The plan is to bring half a dozen bison, both females and males, to the Anciles Valley this year.

Source: Riaño trabaja en convertir Anciles en un paraje de estudio del Bisonte Cántabrico